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Facing Your Fears – How In The World Can I Compete?

This is the second post in a series of posts about facing your fears in the world of Internet Marketing. A common fear that a lot of new people cling to is that they fear their project, site, product etc. won’t be different enough to stand out.

Everyone and their dog puts up blogs and content sites, why would mine be successful and how can I compete?

I get stuck in this frame of mind sometimes. For example, I‘ll get this great idea to put up a content site on a certain niche. I‘ll do some brainstorming and initial analysis, only to find out that I‘ve easily discovered 10 sites doing the exact same thing.

I hate when this stops me in my tracks. My logical side says, “this is good, you KNOW this means this niche is likely profitable”. But then there‘s that niggling feeling that I MUST do something unique, in order to stand out in the crowd and be successful.

This is where I give myself a serious “talking to”. I know others have stated similar view points, but think it‘s important to reiterate. We are NOT all going to create the next Amazon, Ebay, Google etc. Yes it‘s important to learn about USP, branding, style etc.

But it shouldn‘t STOP you from taking action.

Don‘t sit around paralyzed trying to dream up something that‘s never been done before. Get the BALL ROLLING. Get the gears greased. Get the content out there. THEN, once your base is established, start adding your style and flair. THEN start working on your unique selling point. Now some may disagree if you apply this to big product launches for example. That‘s quite true. Certain projects are going to require more time in the planning phase. These are just my opinions when it comes to getting started making money online.
Many many successful marketers have said it over and over again.

Competition is a GOOD THING.

The other thing to keep in mind is how VAST the internet really is. There are thousands (if not more!?) of sites making money in saturated niches such as making money and weight loss.

How are so many sites able to create an income? Because the size of the market is SO HUGE. Millions of people are online, and still new people are entering the web every single day. You don‘t need the kind of traffic the big sites (Google etc) get to be successful.

You just need SOME OF THE PIE.

So if you have an idea and you have a plan of action, don‘t let competition SCARE you away. Remember earlier?

You must be willing to take RISKS.


  • Competition is good, because it means that people are profiting in that niche
  • You must be willing to assume RISKS
  • You don‘t need to capture the entire target market, only a PIECE OF THE PIE
  • Don‘t wait until you dream up something that nobody has ever created
  • You don‘t have to be a leader in everything you do to be successful
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