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Facing Your Fears – I Can’t Decide What To Do!

Up next in the Facing Your Fears series is the topic of choosing a path and sticking to it. Many newcomers get overwhelmed at the sea of possibilities online, and end up not doing anything simply because they can’t decide.

Isn’t it SO easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information at our fingertips? We surround ourselves with people telling us left and right how to make money online.

Here, follow this plan! While you’re at it, check out this guide! Oh don’t do that, that won’t make you any money. This is the BEST way to make money online. And so on and so on.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. And when people get overwhelmed, they naturally shut down in a sense. It’s tough to take action when you feel like there are a million decisions to make. How are you supposed to know where to start?

What I’m talking about here is deciding what business model to adapt, or what plan of action to pursue. Some examples include creating your own product, affiliate marketing, CPA (which is a form of affiliate marketing), content sites with advertising (such as Adsense), content sites to build a list for future monetization, etc. etc.

Even when you get past this point, choosing one of these plans brings up more questions. For example, what KIND of product will you create? An ebook? A physical course? How about audio or video?

ARGGGGH I can’t decide what to do!!

When I start to feel like this, the best thing that helps me is to write steps out in my own words. When I initially start looking into a niche, and get stuck with the thought “I can’t decide what to do”, I review these steps:

What do I know about my target market? Where can I find out more about them?
Sometimes, this helps me figure out what TYPE of plan I want to pursue in this niche. For example, let’s say my niche is digital music. Are there PROBLEMS that my target market faces, that I can SOLVE? If so, I can create a product. I can also create a content site. The point is, I know I’ll want to deliver the SOLUTION in some way. My market might not have a problem requiring solving, but still may be a profitable niche. For example, a good plan might be to create a content site about mp3 players, and monetize either with advertising or affiliate marketing to physical products.

What am I more comfortable doing in this niche?
I might not have a lot of knowledge in this niche, so therefore creating a product (if I’m not outsourcing it) would be a less desirable option. That narrows down my choices. Perhaps now I might look into creating a content site.

What are the demographics of your target market?
Do you know if they love to watch videos online? Do you know if they are big into the social networks like Facebook etc? Do they have the ability to SPEND MONEY? What do you KNOW about your market? This is crucial to helping you figure out WHAT and HOW to present content to your market.

Those points will definitely help you but you are still faced with DECIDING how to attack a niche. This is truly a fear of taking action. If you know the basics like the back of your hand, and you’re STILL not taking any action, then it’s a serious fear to own up to.

You will only succeed if you are willing to put yourself out there and allow yourself to fail.

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