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Ghostwriting? Some Tips And What To Expect

I’ll share my experience when I first offered ghostwriting services. I’ll even show you the specific sales pitch I used. What I did was launch a Warrior Special Offer (WSO) over at the Warrior forum. If you’re not a member at this community yet, you can join for free. To post a special offer, you pay $20 through an automated system, and your offer shows in the market place for approximately 3-4 weeks.

Another site, WarriorPlus, archives past Warrior Special Offers. This is great, because I can show you exactly what my offer looked like, plus you can read any replies etc.

My Past Warrior Special Offer (opens in new window)

At a drop bottom price of $97, I sold out on the 10 spots very very quickly. Little did I realize initially, that this extremely low price was indeed a bargain. Let’s just say with the amount of hours put into each client’s order, I didn’t make much per hour! But the entire goal of that offer wasn’t to make me rich – it was to a) get my name known, b) receive feedback and testimonials, and c) get my feet wet.

I knew I could write well, as I’ve done a lot of research and writing during my career. What I didn’t know was what these potential clients would be looking for. I was very nervous. Questions such as, “What kinds of topics will they ask me to write about?”, “Will they provide me with any skeleton chapters and/or ideas?”, “Will they LIKE my writing??”.

It’s tough starting out when you’re brand new to any field. What can help is to chat with someone who’s more experienced in the same field. Not only can they help answer your myriad of questions, but they can likely provide some good advice at how to get started.

If you launch a similar offer, be prepared to sell out FAST. That pricing is way beneath the going rate, so people will eat it up like there’s no tomorrow. So don’t make an offer like this unless the goal behind it is to establish yourself as a quality writer. In other words, don’t go this route hoping that the quick income doesn’t result in hard work. I spent several hours PER client to complete each order. In many cases I over delivered, offering extra bits here and there. I wasn’t in a “money making” frame of mind. I was in a “how can I best help my client?” frame of mind. I even received a couple of bonuses, and one was more than the original cost of the offer!

How Connected Are You? Open Communication Is Important

A piece of advice I want to extend is to make sure you are readily available. You should be available through the variety of messenger services used today such as MSN, AIM, and Skype. You should also check your private messages at the Warrior forum, and your emails, on a consistent basis. Note that that doesn’t mean every 5 minutes! The point is – don’t make it difficult for clients to reach you. Do everything you can to keep the communication channels open.

Don’t Be Afraid To Over Deliver

Secondly, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. If the client asks for specific things, and you feel you have something extra to contribute, speak up! The worst that can happen is the client decides to go with their original plans. At least it shows you are thinking about their business, and their success (as you should be).

Not All Clients Are Created Equal

Thirdly, don’t expect everyone to be cordial and easy to communicate with. Some clients can be downright nasty, although I can’t say I’ve ever had such a client. But there are those that are great at communicating throughout the lifetime of a project, and then there are others who talk to you initially, and don’t want to hear from you again until the project is done. Each client is different, and you’ll need to adapt your methods accordingly. But if you end up dealing with someone who is extremely difficult to work with, it’s well within your rights to sever that relationship and refund them their money.

Sometimes the answer is to just walk away. Other times though, if you are able, give a client some time to get back to you. I had one client who was terrible at communicating with me. Come to find out – her husband was undergoing an operation and was very sick, which kept her focused on a real life situation. I was so grateful that I didn’t sever that relationship, and in the end it all worked out great.

Don’t Underestimate Your Worth

Finally, be confident and understand your worth. When you move on to providing additional ghostwriting services, consider raising your prices so that eventually you can charge at market level. Do not underestimate your own worth. Getting feedback and testimonials from past clients can really help boost your confidence and “go get em” attitude. By maintaining open communication whenever possible, you’ll greatly increase the odds of getting honest and detailed feedback.

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